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Retreats for Men and Women


              Join others for a weekend retreat at St Paul of the Cross Retreat House. Dates and Themes for the 2023-2024 year will be posted soon!


St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center, 23333 Schoolcraft near I-96 and Telegraph provides a sacred place of hospitality and compassion where all of us are welcome. It’s a place where we can leave our smart phones, emails, and texts behind. Instead bring a copy of the bible and a good spiritual book to read. Plan on attending daily Mass; receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation; praying the rosary; listening to some preaching; meditating on what we hear in silence; learning what Hope means to each of us individually and growing in love with Jesus and learning how to share His love with others. As Catholics we look forward to Heaven and living there for eternity with God. Why not spend a couple days getting to know each other better?

- George Krinke                                                   


Contact St. Paul of the Cross to register today by calling 313-286-2801. Visit: www.stpaulretreat.org