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Studies in the Parables of Jesus – The Power of Stories


Wednesday mornings in September – 8:30 (Optional Mass)

9:00 am (Coffee & Goodies)

9:30 to 10:30 am - Presentation

Church / Social Hall



September 6:  The Parables of Jesus

Scope:  Most of us can recall many of the famous stories of Jesus - The Prodigal Son; the Good Samaritan; the Rich Man and Lazarus and many others.  But, what exactly is a Parable?  Did others use this technique to teach?  This session will give an overview of Parables and how to interpret them.  We will also examine some other Parables that are found in the Apocryphal Gospel of Thomas and explain why they were not part of our New Testament.


September 13:  The Parables from St. Mark’s Gospel

Scope:  St. Mark was the first Gospel to be written.  Parables are extremely important to Mark’s presentation of Jesus.  Both Matthew and Luke borrowed from Mark’s Gospel to produce their own presentation of Jesus.  Mark, however, gives us a very simple, direct, powerful presentation of the Son of God.  We will examine the Parables we find in Mark and explore the deeper meaning to these texts.

September 20:  The Parables from St. Mathew’s Gospel

Scope:  Parables from Matthew’s Gospel? – It’s about unlocking the Kingdom of God!  Matthew places most of Jesus’ parables together in his Gospel.  Most give insights into God’s Kingdom.  We will explore several Parables unique to Matthew and study Matthew’s insights into Jesus and Salvation.

September 27: The Parables from St. Luke’s Gospel

Scope:  The Pharisee and the Tax Collector; The Good Samaritan; The Rich Fool; The Prodigal Son; The Rich Man and Lazarus are all unique to Luke’s Gospel.  Luke utilizes these stories of Jesus to give us insights into Jesus.  We will explore these in detail to examine the richness of these Parables and how they apply to our lives today.


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