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Bible Study with Deacon Paul 2021-22

Survey of the New Testament - Bible Study:  2021 - 2022

Wednesday Mornings – 8:30 (Optional Mass)

9:00 am (Coffee) - 9:30 to 10:30 am

Resurrection Gathering Space / Church



- Fall Series -

September 15th - The Early Christians and Their Literature

September 22nd - The Greco-Roman World of Jesus

September 29th - Ancient Judaism

October 6th - The Earliest Traditions about Jesus

October 13th – Mark — Jesus the Suffering Son of God

October 20th – Matthew — Jesus the Jewish Messiah

October 27th - Luke — Jesus the Savior of the World

November 3rd – John — Jesus the Man from Heaven

November 10th - Non-Canonical Gospels

November 17th - The Historical Jesus — Sources and Problems

December 1st - The Historical Jesus — Solutions and Methods


 - Advent Series -

December 8th - Birth Narrative of Jesus from Luke

December 15th - Birth Narrative of Jesus from Matthew


 - Winter Series -

January 5th - Jesus the Apocalyptic Prophet

January 12th - The Acts of the Apostles

January 19th - Paul:  The Man, the Mission, and his Methods.

January 26th - Paul and the Crises of His Churches—First Corinthians

February 2nd - Pauline Ethics

February 9th - Paul’s Letter to the Romans

February 16th - Paul, Jesus, and James

February 23rd - The Deutero-Pauline Epistles

March 2nd - The Pastoral Epistles (Ash Wednesday)

March 9th - The Book of Hebrews – The Break of Christianity with Judaism

March 16th - First Peter and the Persecution of the Early Christians


- Lenten / Easter Series -

March 23rd - St. Mark’s Passion Narrative 

March 30th - St. Matthew’s Passion Narrative

April 6th - St. Luke’s Passion Narrative

April 13th - St. John’s Passion Narrative

April 20th - The Book of Revelation

April 27th - Do We Have the Original New Testament?


Deacon Paul Lippard worked in Religious Education for 43 years and 17 years as a Deacon.  He holds a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Detroit in Religious and Biblical Studies.  He has taught adult formation classes across the Archdiocese of Detroit. Contact Deacon Paul at [email protected]