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First Eucharist/First Reconciliation

We would love to journey with you and your child as he/she prepares for First Reconciliation and First Communion. We offer 1st Reconciliation in the fall and 1st Communion in the spring. 1st Reconciliation consists of a gathering time at Resurrection where parents and their child explore the gift of Reconciliation. An at-home workbook is given so families can continue the learning and conversations at home. The Sacrament of 1st Reconciliation will be celebrated in early December. Dates and times to be announced. 

1st Communion includes two gathering times for a parent and their child at Resurrection beginning in January. An at-home guide will help foster communication and understanding prior to your child receiving the Sacrament. Our 1st Communion celebrations will be offered in early May. Dates and times to be announced. 

While this program is developed for 2nd graders, older children can also received these sacraments with age-appropriate preparations.

If your child is in a public school, we ask that they sign up for Faith Formation classes as well as doing their sacramental preparations. 

All are welcome at Resurrection!


For questions or more information, contact [email protected]