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La Mora Clinic

"Sunshine in a Box"


Support the LaMora Clinic and give someone special "Sunshine in a Box." For a suggested donation of $25, each box contains a handmade scented soap, a plant, a hand poured fragrant candle made with recycled liturgical beeswax, something sweet and something savory for snacking and an original designed note card to give to your recipient - all in a beautiful box ready for giving.

If you are interested, email [email protected] no later than Monday, April 26th with the number of boxes you wish to purchase. This will insure that there will be enough "Sunshine in a Box" for all those who are interested. The suggested donation is $25 and they will be available for pick up at church at all Masses the weekend of May 1st and 2nd. 



“Tree of Life Campaign”

During this pandemic it is difficult for the clinic to respond to the demands.  The clinic is seeing as many as 120 suspected cases per week.  They are treating those that they can with medication to relieve the symptoms and sending the very sick to major city hospitals.  None of the patients can afford or even get the needed medication due to shortages in the local pharmacies.  The clinic must buy the needed medications and disperse it at the clinic.

To meet demand we have implemented the “Tree of Life Campaign”.  You can send a check made out to Resurrection Parish with La Mora on the memo line indicating that it is for this campaign or Donate Online Here.

Here is a sample of what your donation could accomplish:


Treatment it will purchase  Your Donation # of Patients Treated
Antibiotics for general infections $20 4
Antibiotics for ear or respiratory infections $20 2
Antibiotics for UTI (urinary tract infection) $20 1
Medications for Gout Treatment $20 4
Medications to treat COVID $40 1
Box of Face Shields $40 1
Box of Latex Gloves $40 1
Box of N95 Face Masks $75 1
Medications for high blood pressure $75 5
Antibiotics for general infections $100 20
Medications for allergies $100 7
One disposable protective suit $200 1