Parish Rosary Challenge


If you have not joined us yet, start now.  It's not hard.  It only takes about a half hour.  How about giving up a half hour of screen time, be it TV, phone, tablet, etc.  Thank of it, just 30 minutes!  The benefits will far exceed the time spent.  These 30 minutes will lower your blood pressure, give your eyes and fingers a rest and at the same time enable you to offer prayers for family, friends, our parish, our nation, the world. 

If you accept this challenge, our rosary intention for the rest of this month is for peace among nations and religions.

Here's all you have to do:

(1)  pick up a blue tally card (basket on credenza in Gathering Space)

(2)  mark each day with the total number of rosaries said (individual, family, family members, etc.)

(3)  drop the tally sheet in the collection basket


Totals will be published in the Sonrise and on the chart of the bulletin board.