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Scripture Study with Deacon Paul

2021 BIBLE STUDY  -  Resurrection Parish
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 - Lenten Series – 
Holy Week According to the Four Gospels
(Will be held in Church with social distancing & masks).
Resurrection Parish
48755 Warren Rd.
Canton, MI   48187  
(734) 451-0444
Friday Mornings 
8:30 (Optional Mass)
9:00 am (Coffee & Goodies - If we can...)
9:30 to 11 am - Presentation
Passion Narrative According to the Four Gospels:
February 19 -  Jesus arrives in Jerusalem.
February 26 -  Jesus Conflicts with Religious Leaders.
March 5 -  Jesus’ Last Supper and Arrest.
March 12 - Jesus’ Passion and Death.
March 19 – Jesus’ Resurrection.
 February 19 - Jesus arrives in Jerusalem
Scope:  This session begins the 5 week Lenten Program:  The Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus from all Four Gospels.  We will focus on each of the Gospels, primarily working from Mark's Gospel and examining how Matthew & Luke change or adapted the text. We will also examine, in detail, the triumphal entry into Jerusalem.   We will also take a closer look at the cleansing of the Temple, and the beginning of the conflicts in Jerusalem with the Religious Leaders.
   February 26 - Jesus Conflicts with Religious Leaders
Scope:  The religious leaders tried to trap Jesus with a series of spiritual and biblical questions.  Jesus thwarts their efforts and challenges the traditional insights into faith.  Jesus also uses this time to teach his disciples (and us) about the Kingdom of Heaven through parables.  In this session, we will also cover the story of paying tax to Caesar; the discussion of the ‘end times’; and Jesus’ prediction of the fall of Jerusalem.
March 5 – Jesus’ Last Supper and Arrest
Scope:   We will examine, in depth, the Sacred Meal that Jesus celebrates with his disciples. Matthew, Mark and Luke have a Last Supper / Eucharist.  In John, there is the washing of the feet of the disciples.  We will also look at the scene in Gethsemane; Judas’ betrayal; introduce Christ’s trails before Pilate; and Peter’s denial. 
 March 12 - Jesus’ Passion and Death
Scope:  We will look at the trials of Jesus before Pilate; the scourging and crucifixion of Jesus.  We will examine the characters of Pilate, Barabbas and Simon of Cyrene.  The passion narrative is extremely rich with spiritual depth and theological insights. We will spend time looking at the Passion through the lens of each Gospel.
March 19 – Jesus’ Resurrection
Scope:  The Resurrection of Jesus is central to our faith as Catholic-Christians.  Each Gospel gives a unique theological perspective that we will examine.  We will also focus on the role of Mary Magdalene; the resurrection accounts and Christ’s great commission.
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Deacon Paul Lippard is recently retired and worked as the  Director of Faith Formation at Resurrection in Canton for five years.  He holds a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Detroit in Religious and Biblical Studies.  He has over 42 years experience in Religious Education and sixteen years as Deacon.  He has taught adult formation classes across the Archdiocese of Detroit.