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Scripture Study with Deacon Paul

Starting Friday, October 30th, Resurrection Parish in Canton will be hosting an “Introduction to the Four Gospels” from 9:30 to 10:30 am.  (The session will follow morning mass at 8:30 am).  Resurrection is located at 48755 Warren Rd, Canton, MI   48187.  (The sessions will be held in church in order to keep social distancing, masks required).
The sessions will be:
Friday, October 30th:  “St. Mark - Jesus the Suffering Messiah.”
Friday, November 6th:  “St. Matthew – Jesus the Jewish Messiah.”
Friday, November 13th:  “St. Luke – Jesus the Savior of the World.”
Friday, November 20th:  “St. John – Jesus, Man from Heaven.”
These sessions will seek answers to the questions:  Who wrote these Gospels?  When were they written?  Who were their audiences who read these Gospels?  What are the main themes in these Gospels?  How are they alike?  How are they different?  What do they teach us about Jesus?  What difference does all this make to us today?  Who is this Jesus?
The sessions will be presented by Deacon Paul Lippard.  He has a B.A. and M.A. in Scripture.  He has worked for the church for 42 years and has taught Scripture Classes across the Archdiocese. 
Everyone welcome.  No charge.  Bring a friend!