Love • Growth • Joy

Parish Engagement Team

The Parish Engagement Team seeks to make Resurrection a more vibrant place where we demonstrate our love of God and for each other through fellowship, worship, and lifelong growth of our faith.

Our 2022-23 plans included a 3 day on-site Parish Retreat (February 26-28), off-site retreats for men (each
November) and women (March 24-26) at St Paul of the Cross Retreat Center, a monthly Women's Faith Sharing/Book Club
group (next meeting November 28), and postcards to our neighbors inviting them to Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter
liturgies and events. We would love to do more, especially more social events, but we need fresh ideas and people to make them happen. Come join us!

Contact Missy Sullivan at msullivan989@gmail.com or call the Parish Office if you have questions or would like to join the team.