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Mercy In Action Day 2021

Pictures from Mercy in Action Day, Saturday, October 23rd, 2021:

Twenty  members of our blessed parish, including two 7th graders, met at the church Saturday at 9:15am to load up tables, chairs and a whole lotta hotdogs, hamburgers, buns, salads, plastic-ware, napkins, beverages and ice cream treats into cars, trucks and a trailer. We also toted the ice cream cart and two BBQ grills. AND supplies for arts, crafts and games, including prizes!

We all drove to the Samaritas Family Shelter and began to set up.  It was cool, a little muddy and the picnic tables were wet, but we worked quickly.  At first the guests seemed hesitant to brave the conditions, but they did, soon everyone warmed up and then, the sun popped out!  The food was enjoyed by all. The crafts, games and prizes were a huge hit.  And to top that off, Spider Man and Elsa showed up, a great surprise which added to the excitement!

My initial impression was, the adults thought we were going to preach to them or some such thing.  But there were no strings and no preaching, just us being the Body of Christ. It was wonderful and humbling.

Thank you to all who donated food and to the volunteers who came out for the day.  And a big, BIG thank you to Clare Krinke, she thought of everything, and I mean everything!! I hope the photos do the event justice.







This year’s Mercy in Action Day will take place on Saturday, October 23rd. (Please note date change). Our projects will be a BBQ for the families at the Samaritas Family Shelter and first aid kits for the guests of the Pope Francis Center. 
We need your help to make our BBQ a success! Our Mercy-in-Action project this year is in support of the Westland Samaritas Family Shelter – one of few Shelters in Michigan where families are kept together in a warm, Christian, environment. We are providing foods and games for over 50 children (plus parents) – in the first
outdoor activity for the shelter since COVID began. We really need help shopping for burgers, hot dogs, salads, drinks, and other picnic basics. Please sign up now at https://bit.ly/FunFair2021 and deliver items to Resurrection between Oct. 18 – 20th. Or let us know if you can help with the BBQ on Saturday, October 23 from 10 to 2. There will also be sign-up after Masses on October 9-10. Thank you for blessing these families in their time of need.
* First Aid Kits for the Pope Francis Center…thank you for the first aid items being dropped off in the tub in the Gathering Space. Collection of these items will end the weekend of October 16/17. If it is not possible to find jellies, lubricants, ointments in a size that can fit in a ‘sandwich’ size bag, larger sizes will be donated to the Center office to be broken down into small, marked envelopes for the guests. The Center can always use cough and cold medications and pain relievers such as Tylenol, Advil, etc. that they distribute to guests upon request.
Kit Items:
· Adhesive tape
· Elastic wrap bandages
· Bandages and ‘butterfly’ bandages in assorted sizes
· Nonstick sterile bandages in assorted sizes
· Cotton balls and cotton-tipped swabs
· Petroleum jelly or other lubricant
· Hand sanitizer
· Antibiotic ointment
· Antiseptic towelettes (alcohol wipes)
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